Take the work out of getting sizing right. Allow users to upload images of any size without loss to photo quality.
Improve Image Resolution
Picsart’s Image Upscaler AI helps you size up even the smallest or blurriest of images. Replace grain with smooth pixel filled photos, ready to be shared at any size.
Use Case
Upscale Images
for Web Design
Maintain high photo quality by giving your users the ability to upscale their images before publishing to your site.
User Guide

Best Practices for Upscale

Picsart’s Remove Background is designed for a wide variety of photo types
but our API is optimized for the following scenarios.
High Resolution Small Photos
High-Res but Small Photos
Photos with Sharp Details
Photos with Sharp Details
Accommodates Upscale up to 8x
Accommodates Upscale up to 8x

Popular Industry Uses

See it in Action

  • 1
    E Commerce
    Old blurry family photos? No problem. Our Upscale API makes old photos new again.
  • 2
    Advertising & Marketing
    Upsize images from standard banner sizes all the way to billboard size with Photo Upscale.
  • 3
    Social Media
    Zoom in and crop posts without blurriness for maximum flexibility.
  • 4
    Ensure that your photos are print ready no matter the size of the print.
Upscale in Action
Upscale in Action
Upscale in Action
Upscale in Action


A Decade of AI R&D Power Our Creative Tech

Picsart’s AI Research Arm (PAIR) has spent over ten years developing and optimizing best in class capabilities for its consumer product used by hundreds of millions of Creators. Now your business can gain from Picsart’s investment in AI tech for just pennies per use.

Our Strengths

Quality you can trust for your business

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Cloud Based Services
Your business will never miss a beat with cloud based, highly scalable delivery of our APIs.
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Tried and Tested Performance
Our tech has been tested for optimum scale and performance via our consumer business which serves hundreds of millions of users. Partners can rely on truly fast, globally optimized performance.
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Security and Compliance
Security is of paramount importance to Picsart and for our hundreds of millions of users. Picsart is SOC2 certified and GDPR and CCPA compliant.

Strong R&D Team

Capacity by the Numbers

40 billion

service requests per month
Picsart is built to scale thanks to the billions of requests processed through our consumer app over the years.


photos processed by users
Picsart processes photos in petabytes and has no cap on capacity and reach.

Pricing Plans

Usage Based Pricing

Our pricing is simple. Pay for what you use.

No minimums and substantial discounts for high volume businesses.