Take the work out of getting sizing right. Allow users to upload images of any size without loss to photo quality.
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Improve Image Resolution
Picsart’s Image Upscaler AI helps you size up even the smallest or blurriest of images. Replace grain with smooth pixel filled photos, ready to be shared at any size.
Use Case
Upscale Images for Website Design
Maintain high photo quality by giving your users the ability to upscale their images before publishing to your site.
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Make the Most of Image Upscaling

Leverage Image Upscale API and get amazing results for the following use cases:

image upscale api - High Resolution Small Photos
High-Res but Small Photos
Photos with Sharp Details
Photos with Sharp Details
Accommodates Upscale up to 8x
Accommodates Upscale Up to 8x

With Image Upscale API,
Size Doesn’t Have to Matter

Easy Integration

No complicated coding or lengthy onboarding necessary. Go from sign up to “size up” in minutes. Your designers will thank you, and so will your dev team.

Rapid Results

Resizing images can be tedious and time-consuming to do manually. When automated via API, the task can be done in the time it takes to load a web page.

High-fidelity Image Edits

Afraid of making a change, only to make it worse? With Picsart’s image upscaler, quality is maintained and improved, meaning you can edit with confidence.

Reliable Infrastructure Security

Not every image is sensitive in nature, but your data is your data. Picsart adheres to industry-leading cybersecurity best practices in both policy and architecture at every level of access.

Popular Industry Uses

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Ecommerce Upscale in Action
  • 1
    E Commerce
    Old blurry family photos? No problem. Our Upscale API makes old photos new again.
Marketing and Advertising Upscale in Action
  • 2
    Advertising & Marketing
    Upsize images from standard banner sizes all the way to billboard size with Photo Upscale.
Social Media Upscale in Action
  • 3
    Social Media
    Zoom in and crop posts without blurriness for maximum flexibility.
Printing Upscale in Action
  • 4
    Ensure that your photos are print ready no matter the size of the print.
Ecommerce Upscale in Action
Marketing and Advertising Upscale in Action
Social Media Upscale in Action
Printing Upscale in Action

Image Upscale API FAQ

An Image Upscale API is a software interface that allows users to improve the resolution, quality, and clarity of images programmatically by making calls to an API endpoint. Put more simply, it allows users of any skill level to resize images with the push of a button, without sacrificing image quality.

Resizing images successfully is normally a difficult process, requiring a skilled professional and expensive software licenses to accomplish. Picsart Upscale API automates this process. Using machine learning algorithms, it analyzes low-resolution images and applies various upscaling techniques to improve their quality. Users simply send their low-resolution images to the API endpoint, the API processes the images, and high-quality upscaled images are returned almost instantly.

Flexibility is one of the most important aspects of a tool like this. That’s why our Image Upscale API can process various types of images, including JPEG, PNG, BMP, and TIFF, among others. It can also export images into any of these supported formats, and default export settings can be changed as needed.

For users, being able to upload images and have them automatically upscaled with high-resolution results is a major convenience. The images themselves aren’t always easy to produce, especially for smaller businesses, and reusing a current photo rather than creating a new one saves both time and money. For platforms that can offer this feature, it’s an important selling point, as it means a lower skill floor for end users.

Businesses can use an Image Upscale API to improve image quality for a variety of use cases. Product images for e-commerce platforms, social media platforms, news and media outlets, advertising agencies, and gaming and virtual reality platforms, among others. In a digital-first economy, nearly everything needs a thumbnail, a header image, a hero image, and a host of other visual assets. Upscaling images means accomplishing more with the visuals you currently have.

Yes. Picsart’s Image Upscale API is designed to be easy to integrate with various platforms. While a small amount of coding is required, nearly all of it involves scripts that have already been written for you. Simply copy the appropriate code for your platform, paste it into the correct location, and you’re ready to start editing photos.

Picsart’s Image Upscale API, like all of our tools, is designed with security in mind. The safeguards and protocols we use comply with industry-standard security practices. Sensitive user data is secured via encryption, and the APIs are designed to prevent unauthorized access from both internal and external sources.

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