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Instantly remove the background from your image with our Background Remove tool.

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Three joyful individuals leaping in the air on a snowy day with trees and a street caution sign in the background

Create Stickers with Remove Background API

Picsart’s Remove Background API is more than just a snipping tool. Use it to cut out people, objects, animals, and more. To easily create stickers, add to merchandise, or add to print projects. Even your designers will be impressed with the results.

Easy Thumbnail Design
Ecommerce Images Made Easy
Are you selling products online? Picsart makes designing image thumbnails a breeze, so you can finish building your site and get back to building your business. Or are you the platform where such brands host their sites? If so, give your sellers the ability to make their products pop without leaving your platform or using an expensive image editor. Combo Picsart’s Remove Background + Change Background APIs and they’ll be able to do it all in just two clicks.
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Picsart’s Remove Background is designed for a wide variety of photo types
but our API is optimized for the following scenarios.
Animal Remove Background API
Product Background Removed Image
Apparel Background Removed Image
Person Background Removed Image
Car Background Removed Image

A Remove Image Background API
at Your Fingertips

Easy Integration

Designed for convenient, rapid deployment, the API can be quickly embedded into web hosts, site builders, mobile apps and other tools you’re already using. Implement the tool in as little as 3 minutes and make background removal the simplest part of your process.

Easy Customization

Each use case is unique, so the REST-like background removal API is designed with low-code, rapid implementation in mind. Modify parameters to meet your needs, and deploy the API wherever it best fits in your workflow.

High-quality Cutouts

Shoddy cut-and-paste edits  might work for memes on the brand’s social account, but you’re looking to facilitate images that look more polished. API background removal is pro-grade results with meme-level effort.

Quick Actions

“Push-button” simplicity depends heavily on, well, using the tool being as easy as pushing a button. With Picsart, convenience is exactly what it says on the tin. Quick action features enable you to apply the most common image edits effortlessly.

Popular Industry Uses

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Ecommerce Remove Background in Action
  • 1
    E Commerce
    Bulk replace thumbnail backgrounds to make products pop.
Marketing and Advertising Remove Background in Action
  • 2
    Advertising & Marketing
    Cut out designs, people or objects to add or replace visuals into ad or marketing creative.
Social Media Remove Background in Action
  • 3
    Social Media
    Change the look of a social media post in an instant with quick cutouts.
Printing Remove Background in Action
  • 4
    Give consumers design flexibility by integrating Remove Background directly in your workflow just before print.
Ecommerce Remove Background in Action
Marketing and Advertising Remove Background in Action
Social Media Remove Background in Action
Printing Remove Background in Action

Remove Image Background API FAQ

The Remove Background API supports the most popular image formats, including JPG, PNG, and WebP image file types. If your website can handle it, odds are, so can we.
Picsart Remove Background API is designed to be easily integrated into any software and/or application. HTTP-based, REST-like, and built with low-code deployment in mind. Plus, we provide detailed documentation and sample code to help with the integration process. It’s simple, straightforward, and can be completed in as little as 3 minutes.
The API is highly accurate and can handle a wide variety of image types and backgrounds, including JPG, PNG, and WebP. It uses advanced image processing algorithms to ensure a precise and clean removal of backgrounds.

The default output image format is transparent PNG. Users can also customize export parameters, outputting into other formats that support transparency. In many cases, such as for web pages and mobile apps, we actually recommend exporting the image as WebP to keep file sizes small. Bottom line, the API makes it easy to use the image anywhere else you need, hassle-free.

Our system has processed 40 billion requests over the years, and continues to process 50 million a month. Those numbers are accelerating, and we’re prepared to handle that growth. Whatever your batch size, we’re ready. 
Of course. We believe the tool speaks for itself, and that once you try it, you’ll never want to go without it again. Don’t believe us? Sign-up for a developer account, and get 100 free API calls per month. Use your free calls to test drive any of Picsart’s publicly available APIs. You only pay for API usage beyond those first hundred calls, so there’s no risk to you.
We built this API to be worth every penny. While we don’t offer refunds, there are no long term commitments, and unused calls roll over every month. Our pricing model is simple, transparent, and tailored to your level of demand. Learn more here.

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