Configure the editor you need

Our Embeddable Editor can be as simple or as rich as you want it to be.

Simplifying the UI for your team, keeping only needed features or going all in – it’s up to you to decide what works best for your platform.

Use Case

UI and functions controls

We understand that workflows can differ from company to company and team to team, that is why we have created an Editor which is fully configurable – as simple or as full of functions as you or your customers need.

Use Case

Add on functions with our APIs

Need to extend or upscale the image quality, have generative AI capabilities or remove background at scale? Just add on the APIs you need and they will enrich the Editor experience you choose to build.

Use Case

Connect with your CMS or DAM system

Working with your own asset management system and needing your team to access the editor from there – Picsart’s embeddable configurable editor is easy to integrate to your proprietary DAM to have your files easy to access and use both for your team and your clients.

Unique Feature

White label

If you are offering your software solution as a service, chances are you would like to have this integration with your name. We offer enterprise clients Picsart Embeddable Editor as a white label.


Minutes to embed

On average it takes 15 minutes for our clients to embed Picsart Editor to their platforms.

If you have opted for a white label or configurable version – our team will be supporting you every step of the way.

Use Case

Configurations by industry

Ecommerce Change Background in Action
  • 1
    Advertising and marketing

    Photo and video editing, full template management, brand space, layers control, variants creation, remove background, generative AI (text to image and copywriting tools).

Marketing and Advertising Change Background in Action
  • 2

    Bulk editing, Brand space, AI Background change and Remove background, generative AI, own product shot Gen AI model training, Upscale..

Social Media Change Background in Action
  • 3
    Web to Print

    Set of custom print templates designs and layouts.
Photo editor, fonts and access to Royalty free images for commercial use..

Printing Change Background in Action
  • 4
    Edu tech

    Photo and video editing, access to templates library, animations, subtitles, adding music, text..

Ecommerce Change Background in Action
Marketing and Advertising Change Background in Action
Social Media Change Background in Action
Printing Change Background in Action
Strong R&D Team

A Decade of AI R&D Powers Our Creative Tech

You’ve heard about it, read about it, and talked about it, but AI has yet to really benefit you directly. That’s about to change. More than ten years of work from Picsart’s AI Research team (PAIR) went into the development of these tools. Tools that help brands and professionals like you work smarter, and accomplish more with less effort.
remove image background api

Pricing Plans

Usage Based Pricing. Pay for What You Use.

Our pricing is simple. Pay for what you use.

No minimums and custom pricing for high volume businesses.

Our Strengths

Quality You Can Trust for Your Business

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Cloud Based Services

Your business will never miss a beat with cloud based, highly scalable delivery of our APIs.

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Tried and Tested Performance
Our tech has been tested for optimum scale and performance via our consumer business which serves hundreds of millions of users. Partners can rely on truly fast, globally optimized performance.
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Security and Compliance
Security is of paramount importance to Picsart and for our hundreds of millions of users. Picsart is SOC2 certified and GDPR and CCPA compliant.

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