Use the power of AI Replace to edit content faster

Utilize Picsart's Generative AI for transformative image editing: you can effortlessly replace masked objects, switch backgrounds, and extend images beyond original boundaries, customizing visuals to your exact needs.


Replace any object

With AI Replace feature, you can effortlessly replace or enhance existing objects in your content. Whether you want to add a photo wall or switch a coffee cup in a promotional photo to a tea cup, it's all achievable. Our AI quickly swaps highlighted areas, allowing you to create unique social media or e-commerce content, and enhance product shots instantly.

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Change backgrounds in seconds

Change backgrounds in seconds

With the Change Background extension of Replace AI you can easily replace backgrounds. With a simple prompt, you'll be able to instantly generate content suitable for websites, social media, print and more! - would also change this to something like this

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Expand images to fit your needs

Expand images to fit your needs

Our technology traces beyond the edges of the original image, replacing and filling in transparent or empty pixels to seamlessly extend the image to its required size. This capability is invaluable for various content needs, including social media, web design, print and e-commerce, especially if you work with stock or proprietary content that was shot in a single aspect ratio or want to expand the image into the print bleed area.

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Use the power of AI Replace

Inpainting and outpainting

Both services operate in two modes. In single image mode, once you submit one image, the API fills the specified inner or outer area with content based on the prompt parameter. In the mask mode: along with the image, you need to provide a mask of identical size and format. The API uses this mask to identify areas for inpainting or outpainting with content determined by the prompt parameter.

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What is Picsart AI Replace?
The Picsart AI Replace APIs use a technique called “inpainting,” and "outpainting" to replace parts of an image.
What APIs are available?
There are 4 APIs offered: AI Background, Inpainting, Outpainting and Expand. Each one targeted on specific part of the image to be replaced or changed.
How do I activate AI Replace APIs?
Sign-up following the links above, creating your profile. Purchase the needed amount of credits and follow our comprehensive documentation to get started. Reach out to us if you need any help.
What are the key applications of AI Replace APIs technology?
There is a wide range of use cases. For example, on e-commerce platforms AI Background API can help automatically swap backgrounds on all the images in the image data base smoothly. In content management systems you can expand any image to a needed size automatically. And in print shops and for merchandise producers inpainting and outpainting can apply customers designs on the products you sell seamlessly.
Are Picsart AI Replace APIs available in Editor SDK.
Currently these APIs are not available in the Picsart Editor SDK.

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