Ultra Upscale
More than just upscale, the Ultra Upscale API auto-detects low quality and improves photo quality.
Visibly Sharper Images
Instantly enhance photo quality with AI-powered perfection. Picsart’s Ultra Upscale allows you to enhance any photo with the most advanced AI available on the market.
Use Case
Sharpen Ad Images
Add less than high quality photos to ads and use ultra upscale to elevate to professional quality resolution. Create billboard sized ads from standard sized photos or sharpen details in product photos.
User Guide

Best Practices for Ultra Upscale API

Ultra Upscale works best in the following scenarios.
Low Res Photos Needing Sharpening
Sharpening Low-resolution Photos
Photos that need Smoothing Effect
Enhancing Photos with a Smoothing Effect
Photos that need to Remove Noise
Enhancing Photos by Removing Noise
Upscales up to 16x
Upscaling up to 256mp

Level Up Your Images with Picsart Ultra Upscale API

Easy Integration

Simple to use; just as simple to implement. Go from “sign up” to “up and running” in less than five minutes with our easy-to-integrate API code.

Sharper Results

Don’t let low image quality hold you back. Ultra Upscale API automates the work of improving your photos and visual assets, so you can do more with less.

Batch Processing Supported

Why make image edits one at a time, when you can accomplish everything at once? Scale your efforts without breaking a sweat with batch processing.

Quick Action

Sometimes, the preset automated process isn’t what you need. When that happens, make changes or accomplish similar tasks with a few button presses.

Popular Industry Uses

See it in Action

Ecommerce Ultra Upscale in Action
  • 1
    E Commerce
    Old blurry family photos? No problem. Our Ultra Upscale API makes old photos new again.
Marketing and Advertising Ultra Upscale in Action
  • 2
    Advertising & Marketing
    For small businesses that don’t always have access to high-res images..
Social Media Ultra Upscale in Action
  • 3
    Social Media
    Sharpen images for maximum impact.
Printing Ultra Upscale in Action
  • 4
    Remove the risk of low quality prints..
Ecommerce Ultra Upscale in Action
Marketing and Advertising Ultra Upscale in Action
Social Media Ultra Upscale in Action
Printing Ultra Upscale in Action

Ultra Upscale API FAQ

The Ultra Upscale API is an AI-powered image upscaling tool. It enhances the quality of images by improving their resolution, detail, and sharpness. Better still, it can detect for necessary edits and upgrades, then make those edits automatically. Bottom line: Ultra Upscale means better photo quality every time with minimal effort.

The API “upscales” images, modifying their size without degrading their quality. Ultra Upscale goes a step beyond, though, empowering you to effortlessly correct a number of quality issues in your photos. All of this is done using advanced algorithms to detect low-quality details, then enhance and correct the image to compensate. It’s AI-powered, and automatic, so you can focus on putting those better visual assets to good use.

The Ultra Upscale API can upscale a wide variety of images, including photos, graphics, and other digital images. The API can accept a variety of file formats for both import and export, including JPEG, PNG, and more.

With simple to implement API coding, the Ultra Upscale API can be quickly and easily integrated into your platform. Integration can be done in as little as three minutes, allowing you to provide image enhancement functionality across your website in less time than a coffee break.

Of course. Perhaps Ultra Upscale’s greatest benefit is how it enables teams to “upscale” their whole process. Image correction is often a huge operational bottleneck for organizations. But by batching API calls and automating edits, teams can focus on using those visual assets where they’re needed most. 

Pricing Plans

Usage Based Pricing. Pay for What You Use.

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No minimums and custom pricing for high volume businesses.