Get White Backgrounds for Product Images with Remove Background API

Turn nearly any photo asset into a compelling product image with a little automation magic.
background with pink, white and green colors
remove background from product images

The Photos You Need

Visual presentation is a critical component of the customer journey, and can often make or break a sale. Product images are a prime example. Along with photos of the product in action, having clean imagery with a white background can provide buyers with a clear idea of what they’ll be getting for their purchase. But those visual assets aren’t always easy to come by. Or, in other words, the photos you have aren’t always the photos you need.

The Cost of Edits

Editing images manually usually requires additional time and money, though. Graphic designers and high-end image editing software are expensive solutions to tedious tasks like these. And editing by hand presents a major bottleneck.  But computers already do this sort of thing for virtual backgrounds on video calls (though the quality often leaves something to be desired). So, it can be automated. You just need the right tool for the job.
remove background api for product images
automated background removal api

Edit Smarter, with Picsart

With the Remove Background API, AI-powered automation handles the work for you, making the change as simple as it should be. Need to remove the background on 1,000 images, 10,000 images, or even more? Picsart can help you accomplish the job in mere moments. Best of all, in less time than it takes to brew a pot of coffee, you can be automating background removalacross your organization, website, or platform.

Picture-perfect Edits,
Every Time

From there, the rest is even more effortless. Images can be uploaded in a variety of formats, and can be edited individually or in batches of virtually any size. Either way, the API calls our servers to process the edits, where the AI scans the images, isolates the subject you want to keep, and removes everything else. Then, the images are returned to you, to be exported in any of the same supported file formats.
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