Texture Generator API for Visual Search

Make image search an integral part of your ecommerce sales. Let customers search for products by uploading an image and looking for items with similar colors, patterns, or textures.
texture generator for visual search
orange texture

Finding an Item Without a Name

Customers don’t always know exactly what they’re looking for. Even when they do, they don’t always know what the name of that product is. That presents a problem when they try to search for an item on an ecommerce website. Unless the search engine is very robust, the customer may spend a frustratingly long time struggling in vain to find what they want, and may ultimately leave the site without making a purchase. But if customers have access to images of what the product looks like, and can use an image to search for a similar product, making sales more likely.

Help Customers Find the Right Product with Texture Generator API

Forcing customers to sift through numerous search results with minimal relevance isn’t ideal, and expecting them to know exactly what search terms to use to find what they want quickly is a tall ask. With Texture Generator API, though, your customers can sidestep all of that. With it, you can enable image searches for your products, making it easy for customers to find relevant results based on the image they provide. The API simply scans the provided image, then uses the texture it pulls to look for a product with images that match. It’s as easy as a text search.

generate green texture with an api call
pink blue and purple cloudy texture

Upgrade Your Ecommerce Efforts with Picsart

Achieving AI-powered functionality and convenience doesn’t have to be expensive or difficult. Picsart can give your team the tools needed to make the most of images and photos. Whether it’s helping customers find a matching product, creating different images for product design variations, or even swapping backgrounds to match a new placement location, Picsart makes a variety of edits and tasks push-button easy, and texture generation is just the start. Ready to see just how much Picsart can help you do? Sign up for free, and find out for yourself.