Texture Generator API for Backgrounds

Advertising teams benefit dramatically from the ability to quickly reuse or repurpose existing assets. Picsart helps them do this easily with automated background changes.
generate textures for advertising
texture generator api for advertising

Making the Most of Visual Assets in Advertising

Digital advertising depends heavily on photos, images, and other visual assets. Those assets aren’t always easy or inexpensive to create, but they can often be adjusted to be reused and repurposed across numerous campaigns. That said, if those adjustments and edits are being made by hand, it can further slow the process and drive up costs. In many cases, even a simple background swap can achieve the desired result, but when done across hundreds or thousands of assets, the time and money invested quickly add up.

Texture Generator API Helps Ad Teams Use Their Images Anywhere

The right kind of automation can help with that. With Texture Generator API, ad teams can easily and quickly modify the background of any image. With a single API call, backgrounds can be removed, replaced, recolored, or adjusted to match the style of a new placement. And that’s just the beginning. The API makes even updating brand elements a breeze, as thousands of visual assets can have their background, logo, or other elements modified with a single query. It’s picture-perfect results with push-button simplicity.

generate textures for advertising campaigns
colorful macarons on a pink background

Increase Advertising Efficiency with Picsart

AI-powered technology does its best work when it’s helping experienced human professionals do more with less effort. For ad teams that need to continually repurpose images and visual assets to maximize value while minimizing overhead, Picsart can help. Use the suite of API functions to automate countless image edits that are tedious and time-consuming to do by hand. Best of all, there’s no costly software license to pay for. Sign up for free today, and see for yourself.