Remove Background API for Social Media Ads

Automate your social media marketing! Save time and effort by creating visual assets quickly
remove background api for social media ads
automated visual editing for social media ads

The fickle field of social media marketing

Leveraging social is often a smart tactic for businesses looking to reach their audience. But navigating that landscape can be a challenge: each platform has different requirements for posts and ads. Different user bases have different preferences. And even when something proves effective, it often doesn’t stay that way for long. Teams that advertise and market on social platforms need to be able to quickly adapt a handful of assets for use across multiple platforms, formats, and campaigns. Slow, manual image creation and editing interferes with these goals.

Create Unlimited Social Ads with Automated Image Editing

Your team already has images and visual assets on hand, but they may not be quite what you need for a given social platform. AI-powered automation can change that. Rather than manually editing each image to remove backgrounds and prepare them for use in ad designs or other marketing collateral, Remove Background API can streamline the editing process. Whether you need to process one photo or one hundred thousand, the API can handle queries quickly and efficiently, turning a several-hour task into one that takes seconds.
countless social media ads creation with automated image editing
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Create ad assets with Picsart Remove Background API

Picsart Remove Background API can help marketing teams improve efficiency, reduce overhead, and ultimately move more quickly when publishing ad campaigns. By automating background removal, advertisers can do more with less effort. But background removal isn’t the only thing Picsart can help your team do. The API is capable of a wide range of image editing tasks, turning numerous tedious and problematic editing challenges into automated processes. It takes less than five minutes to sign up for a free account, implement the API, and start creating images.