Remove Background API for Print Ads

Improve your print ads with high-quality and well-designed visual assets using Remove Background API.
remove background api for print ads
automation for print advertisement

The challenges of creating compelling print advertisements

In our online world, print advertising is a bit of a lost art. Marketing teams have to contend with countless, easily accessible digital advertising if they want their print ads to even be seen. But print is still a viable medium when used strategically, and when ads are designed with impressive visuals. Which means the speed and cost of image creation can have a direct impact on the ROI of the ads in question. The faster quality images can be created, and the lower the cost to create them, the more profitable the ads can be.

Automating background removal for print ad creation

Many of the assets used in advertising designs, especially print ads, are pulled from existing images and photos. Almost always, though, these images have to be modified in one or more ways to ensure design consistency and visual appeal. At a minimum, nearly all of them need to have the background removed. It’s a straightforward change, but not always an easy or a quick one for a designer to make. And the more images that need to be edited, the longer it takes and the more it costs. With AI-powered automation, however, these tedious edits can be handled by the API, and critical design resources can be redirected to more complicated tasks. It’s faster, less expensive, and produces results of equal or better quality.
automate background removal for ad creation
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Create Print Ad Visuals with Picsart’s Remove Background API

Print advertising can be effective in many cases because it’s so rarely used nowadays. In other words, teams that can move quickly and operate leanly stand to capitalize on well-designed visual ads. Picsart Remove Background API empowers marketing teams to do just that. In mere minutes, you can go from free signup to full API implementation, leveraging the tool to remove backgrounds, enhance images, and so much more.